Why we should care about the death of care.data


In the early 1990s in Bristol an unusually high death rate in paediatric surgeries was spotted in the data. Steps have now been taken to correct the problems that caused it. In 2002 NHS Scotland set up a database of all diabetes patients to share their care data between GPs and hospitals. The result was […]

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A New Scottish CryptoCurrency


Malcolm Barr, an economist working for JP Morgan, stated today the bank is assuming that Scotland will vote for Independence before 2019. If it does, Scotland may soon find itself short of a currency. One of the pivotal discussions last time round was around which currency Scotland would adopt if it did happen.  On the one hand was an informal […]

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Is there a Clear Future for Google Glass?

The Future of Augmented Reality

  Last year google halted development of its controversial Google Glass product. Resembling a pair of safety glasses it promised to bring AR, Augmented Reality where data is displayed as an overlay on the real world, into everyday life. Early developers saw it as a tool for bringing rich data into their lives in an […]

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Is D-Wave the World’s First Quantum Computer?


There has been considerable debate surrounding D-Wave’s annoucement earlier this year, that it now had the world’s first practical, commercailly available quantum computer for sale. This was a decade ahead of the more oppomistic estimates up to that point.Since then, there have been conflicting views about whether this was the whole story. The Evidence that […]

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Why my bin isn’t talking to me yet

Forty years ago we were promised jet-packs to help us all get to work.  They never turned up. Now I’m waiting for my bin to talk to me.  Or talk to other bins, or to the bin truck.  And my washing machine to start ordering it’s own parts.  But, like the jet-pack, the technology doesn’t […]

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Wikipedia tracks real-time flu levels

Original research reported in Computational Biology this week has shown that the number of people viewing articles in wikipedia can be used as a real-time indicator of the number of people with flu. The team correlated the number of people reading certain wikipedia articles on flu and flu-like illnesses with the actual prevalence of flu […]

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The Right to be Forgotten

I’ve written before on the impending battle between the US and EU on a fundamental disagreement on how the internet should be run. On the one hand the EU, libertarian and liberal, is moving towards a model where the rights of the individual to privacy and the protection of their data is paramount. In this […]

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Was the Bitcoin Crash a Fraud?

For a $20 transaction on a VISA or Mastercard, the card network gets around 4 cents, the issuing bank 36 cents and the card processor around 10 cents. That’s about 2.5% of the total value of the transaction. Last year, the average operating margin of an internet retailer was 4.93%. For a small company unable […]

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care.data Didn’t Care Enough

It’s clear that both doctors and patients are becoming more aware of what good communication means, and how important it is.  Add this to a desire to communicate in more rapid, perhaps informal way, and you have fertile ground to bring in new IT systems to support exactly that. It’s bewildering to many GPs in […]

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US and EU on Collision over Privacy

In a ruling that may put the United States Courts on a collision with the European Union, Microsoft has been ordered to hand over data on a customer despite that data physically residing on a server in Ireland. Previously, Microsoft had announced that it was to give customers a choice in where their data was […]

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