October 9, 2016

Youths turning to Cybercrime have no way out

A report published today by Action Now Youth has highlighted the social crisis faced by children from deprived backgrounds who are now turning to a life of international cybercrime as their only escape
July 10, 2016

Why we should care about the death of care.data

In the early 1990s in Bristol an unusually high death rate in paediatric surgeries was spotted in the data. Steps have now been taken to correct the problems that caused it. In 2002 NHS Scotland set up
June 29, 2016

A New Scottish CryptoCurrency

Malcolm Barr, an economist working for JP Morgan, stated today the bank is assuming that Scotland will vote for Independence before 2019. If it does, Scotland may soon find itself short of a currency. One
June 29, 2016

Is there a Clear Future for Google Glass?

  Last year google halted development of its controversial Google Glass product. Resembling a pair of safety glasses it promised to bring AR, Augmented Reality where data is displayed as an overlay
August 31, 2014

Is D-Wave the World’s First Quantum Computer?

There has been considerable debate surrounding D-Wave’s annoucement earlier this year, that it now had the world’s first practical, commercailly available quantum computer for sale. This was a decade
August 14, 2014

Why my bin isn’t talking to me yet

Forty years ago we were promised jet-packs to help us all get to work.  They never turned up. Now I’m waiting for my bin to talk to me.  Or talk to other bins, or to the bin truck.  And my washing
June 7, 2014

Wikipedia tracks real-time flu levels

Original research reported in Computational Biology this week has shown that the number of people viewing articles in wikipedia can be used as a real-time indicator of the number of people with flu. The
June 3, 2014

Mt Gox Collapse – Revisiting Pompeii

LTB #115 - Revisiting Pompeii On Todays episode: Andreas, Adam and Stephanie are joined by Kai Chang ofhttp://bitcoin.stamen.com and Scott Maxwell of http://cryptocurrencymadesimple.com to discuss the